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Technology Driven Healthcare change with Time, So do we

Swinnzea is backed by a team who possess 25 years of pharma experience in understanding the pharmaceutical business in national and international markets. We strive to create great value for our customers and investor by leveraging our expertise and resources across.

Swinnzea is venturing into world class manufacturing facilities to ensure efficacy, Safety, affordability and qualitative medicinal products

Swinnzea with its focussed strategy and established relationship with clinicians will emerge as most preferred pharma company and has been identified as one of high potential healthcare company especially in Dermatology segment.

Healthcare Experience

Why Choose Us

Swinnzea is launched with one such thought to provide quality medicine with affordable cost to both healthcare providers and patients. We focus to deliver best quality medicine in all our coverage segments.

Scale, Diversity & Leadership

Swinnzea is truly representative and reflective of the people we serve, with a genuinely diverse workforce and leadership team. We respect opinions, experiences and perspectives of people and we better understand patient’s voice.

Patient Focus

We believe that patient focus can be achieved only through collaboration and consortia that includes all health care stake holders.

Service Delivery

The leadership team is backed with 35+ years of experience in Pharmaceuticals Sales, Marketing and Logistics.
We Pledge to deliver the Excellence beyond Expectations and Establish leadership thro progressive efforts

Diversified Product Portfolio

Currently Swinnzea focus continues to be in Dermatology, We are expanding our product portfolio to Nephrology and Immunotherapy soon.

Leadership Team

Board of Advisors

Managing Director
Medical Advisor